Clients using custom-designed automated pricing engines, order-routing and management systems, program trading systems and off-the-shelf modelling software can work directly with our Currenex Fix API.

Currenex provides its customers with a high-speed multi-bank FIX gateway (using the FIX 4.2 protocol). This gateway allows customers to access market data (with full depth of book) and to manage orders. The Currenex FIX protocol specification is available to customers upon request.

Currenex provides FIX customers with a full integration environment which includes live market data. Additionally, Currenex assists customers with throughput and protocol conformance testing.

Currenex remains active and committed to the FIX standard and is represented as the Co-Chair of the FIX Global Foreign Exchange Committee (GFXC).

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  • Get access to the biggest liquidity pool.
  • Get streaming live data of market depth.
  • Easily connect your black box to the market anonymously.
  • Connect your platform to our liquidity for quotes and STP.

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